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Client: PoshStyleDFW is a clean and elegant website we’ve designed for a local real estate agent who specializes in locating luxury condos, lofts, houses, and penthouses for people in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Whether it’s something temporary for a traveler to enjoy while spending a few days in Dallas, or something long term for someone who’s relocating to Dallas for good, the website showcases the different types of housing, highlights what makes this particular agency unique and convenient, and offers a way to send a specific request, selecting what they’re looking for.

Our client wanted beautiful videos and photos showcasing luxurious apartments she helps locate, so we used a background video and photos throughout the site while maintaining an elegant look and feel similar to the luxury apartment shown in the background video. We optimized the website thoroughly, combining and minifying all the JavaScript, CSS and HTML code, integrated a mailing service for website’s email notifications to be properly delivered, as well as CloudFlare for added performance and security.

The client also advised us to offer “0% payment plans” which we thought was a terrific idea, so we went ahead and started offering that to all our clients, her being the first one to pilot it. Now, people starting new businesses and not having a large budget to invest into their website and marketing can still hire us, and pay for our services over time with no interest.